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Office of Technology Transfer, Morehouse School of Medicine


Morehouse School of Medicine’s strong emphasis on strengthening primary care, promoting prevention and early detection, and working to reduce and eliminate health disparities has made the institution a unique academic medical center in the United States – and the world.

The biotechnologies developed by MSM researchers are targeted to prevent, diagnose and treat chronic diseases like HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases, cancer, cardiovascular disease, metabolic and neurological disorders. Technology transfer will continue to be an important process for creating new and existing research and development efforts as well as a driving force for national and regional economic development.




    • Copyright registration service ( Support service )

      The Tech Transfer office provides registration for:

      * Literary work
      * Visual arts work
      * Performing arts work
      * Sound recording
      * Single serial issue
      * Motion picture or other audiovisual

    • Intellectual property disclosure service ( Support service )

      The Tech Transfer Office reviews invention disclosures and provides the following intellectual property services to inventors at Morehouse School of Medicine:

      * determine whether the disclosure represents intellectual property that is a trade secret, or whether it is an invention that would require patent protection
      * ascertain whether the invention disclosure can be adequately evaluated by the intellectual property committee or whether to defer evaluation to an external intellectual property management agency
      * institute action to protect the disclosed invention as intellectual property of Morehouse School of Medicine
      * transfer intellectual property rights of the described disclosure to the research sponsor, if such transfer is required by the research agreement
      * waive ownership of the intellectual property rights regarding the disclosed technology in favor of the inventor and release the inventor from further responsibility to the university with respect to the technology that was disclosed
      * request additional pertinent information needed for the committee to evaluate the disclosure. In such circumstances, the committee shall deem the disclosure "not adequate" and the calculation of the time frames shall not begin until the requested information is received by the committee"

    • Technology licensing service ( Access service )

      The Tech Transfer Office can provide licenses for the following commercialization opportunities:

      * TUMOR CYTOTOXICITY INDUCED BY MODULATORS OF THE CXCR4 RECEPTOR - "This invention relates to the use of Gp120 and Nef proteins of retroviruses, or peptides of these proteins, as therapeutic agents against carcinomas."

      * METHOD FOR IDENTIFYING SALT-SENSITIVE PERSONS - "This invention relates to evaluation of salt sensitivity as it relates to propensity to present or develop hypertension."

      * ANTI –CHEMOKINE AND –ASSOCIATED RECEPTOR ANTIBODIES AND USES FOR INHIBITION OF INFLAMMATION - "This invention relates to antibodies or the use of antibodies, against precise chemokines or chemokine receptors, that mediate certain inflammatory diseases, e.g., chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), interstitial cystitis."

      * ANTI –CHEMOKINE AND –ASSOCIATED RECEPTOR ANTIBODIES AND USES FOR INHIBITION OF CANCER GROWTH AND METASTASIS - "This invention relates to antibodies or the use of antibodies, against precise chemokines or chemokine receptors, to provide a means of inhibiting the growth and/or metastasis of tumor cells."

      * TRYPANOSOME DERIVED APOPTOTIC FACTORS (TAF) - "This invention relates to the use of anti-TAF monoclonal antibody to inhibit cell death of microvascular endothelial, brain and other cells. It is the purpose of this invention to provide antibodies that neutralize or abrogate TAF activity."

      * MODULATING VACCINE AGAINST HIV-1 NEF PROTEIN INDUCED LYMPHOCYTE DEPLETION - "The invention comprises of a peptide prophylactic or therapeutic vaccine that will provide protection against Nef-mediated pathogenesis, which causes T cell depletion seen in full-blown AIDS."

      * NEUREGULINS AS REGULATORS OF STEM CELL MIGRATION - "This invention relates to the administration of neuregulin-1 to mobilize endogenous neuronal stem cells to the damaged areas of the brain, following stroke or other neurodegenerative disorders."

      * RAD ATTENUATION OF VASCULAR LESION FORMATION AND TREATMENT OF VASCULAR DISEASES - "It is the purpose of this technology to provide a means
      for preventing and treating restenosis and atherosclerosis."

      USES FOR TREATING OF HEART DISEASES - "This invention describes a method to identify and/or to treat cardiac hypertrophy, respectively."

      * CAGE DISPENSER FOR MEASURING FOOD INTAKE IN LABORATORY RODENTS - "This invention relates to use of food dispensers for studies requiring careful measurement of intake by animals."

      * SPLICE VARIANTS OF BRCA1 - "This invention relates to the identification of i) a nucleic acid sequence encoding human BRCA1a and BRCA1b, ii) a protein encoded by the nucleic acid sequence of BRCA1a and BRCA1b, iii) a vector comprising the nucleic acid sequence of BRCA1a and BRCA1b, iv) a host cell transfected with BRCA1a and BRCA1b and v) an in vitro method of identifying agents capable of modulating the amount or activity of BRCA1a or BRCA1b proteins in cells."

      * NOVEL NANOPARTICLES FOR DELIVERY OF INERT AND BIOLOGICALLY ACTIVE AGENTS - "The current technology uses a novel and relatively inexpensive technique to generate polycaprolactone-coated biopolymer-polyethylene glycol nanoparticles, which allows for controlling the size of the therapeutic or diagnostic particle (100 nm to 50 um; + 10% of mean size), > 99% loading efficiency and polymer- or ligand-coating for controlled-, protected-, and targeted-release of its contents."

      * HETEROCYCLIC AND DIPHENYL KETONES HAVING CYTOTOXIC PROPERTIES - "This invention relates to the discovery of novel heterocyclic and dialkoxyphenyl
      compounds which possess potent cytotoxic activity."

      * A HIGH THROUGHPUT METHOD FOR HAPLOTYPE DETERMINATION - "This invention provides an improved, more reliable method of haplotype determination."

      * COMPOSITIONS FOR THE PREVENTION AND TREATMENT OF NEUROINJURY AND METHODS OF USE THEREOF - "This invention relates to post-trauma administration of NRG-1 by any known route of administration following TBI to prevent secondary neuronal injury and inflammation."

      * DETECTION OF PLASMODIUM FALCIPARUM ANTIGENS IN SALIVA OF MALARIA PATIENTS - "This invention relates to detection of Plasmodium falciparum antigens in saliva of malaria patients."

      * METHODS FOR STORAGE AND RETRIEVAL OF FUNCTIONAL MATURE RETINAL CELLS - "The present invention relates generally to the field of cell isolation and storage and, in particular, to the storage and retrieval of functional mature retinal cells."

      * DETECTION OF HIV-RELATED PROTEINS IN URINE - "This invention relates to methods for diagnosis and, in particular, to methods for detecting HIV infection, diagnosing HIV or HIV-associated diseases using biomarkers in the urine."

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