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Director: Umeakunne, Kayellen Edmonds, MS, RD, LDN


The Bionutrition Core is committed to reducing health disparities in at risk ethnic minority populations and the underserved through the pursuit of excellence in nutrition research in both clinical and community settings. The core aims to:

• Support investigators conducting nutrition interventions by providing assistance with study development; assessments for dietary intake, body composition and energy expenditure; menus for diet studies, study implementation and compliance monitoring; dietary data analysis and management of core generated data
• Increase the number of investigators conducting nutrition research at MSM
• Provide a training environment to foster an increase in leadership in nutrition research from diverse populations
• Collaborate with investigators seeking to conduct diet and lifestyle modification interventions to prevent disease
• Identify group collaborations that foster novel research in the areas of epigenetics, nutrigenomics and metabolomics in ethnic minorities
• Cultivate nutrition research to identify the molecular action of bioactive food components and their use in prevention of disease in minorities and the underserved
• Promote global nutrition research studies and collaborations that focus on identification of dietary risk factors for disease development in migrant ethnic minorities transitioning to westernized diets versus lower rates of diet-related disease in the host country.

The Bionutrition Core supports the Morehouse School of Medicine mission to improve the health and well-being of individuals and communities with emphasis on people of color and the underserved. The core is committed to increasing the diversity of professionals in healthcare and science through the promotion of nutrition education, leadership and research necessary to understand and address the unequal burden of health disparities in ethnic minorities.

The Bionutrition Core is comprised of a Metabolic Research Kitchen and Body Composition Lab and provides the following services:
• Nutrition Assessment and Diet History conducted through the use of Food Records, Food Frequency Questionnaires and Composite Analysis.

• Body Composition Assessments performed utilizing Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA), Anthropometry (skinfolds/circumferences), and Bioimpendance Analysis.

• Resting Energy Expenditure determined via Indirect Calorimetry

• Research Diet Design and Meals for Diet Intervention Studies

• Training for Medical Students and Dietetic Interns

• Protocol Development and Curriculum Design

• Study Coordination, CRF Development and Manual of Operation Design

• Dietary Data Analysis and Management

• Nutrient Analysis programs: Food Processor SQL, NDSR

• Breath Testing for Diet and GI Related Disease




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