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Analytical Chemistry Laboratory

Director: Powell, Michael D., Ph.D.


The primary focus of the Analytical Chemistry Laboratory is to provide reliable and comprehensive analytical services to basic and clinical researchers. These services include:

1. Custom sample analysis by High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).
3. Electrolytes analyses
4. Sample preparation (derivatization and extraction/purification)
5. Data reports and QC reports
6. Consultation in analytical techniques and methodology


1. High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC): Custom analyses by HPLC can include (but not limited to): amino acids; thiols (total, oxidized, reduced); chiral and racemic compounds such as warfarin and clenbuterol; etc.
i. Agilent 1100 series HPLC equipped with a diode array detector (DAD), variable wavelength detector (VWD), 1046 series fluorescence detector.
ii. Agilent 1100 series HPLC system equipped with 1100 series fluorescence detector.
2. Molecular Devices SpectroMax Plus microtiter plate reader and variable wavelength UV-Visible spectrophotometer to perform Colorimetric and Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent assays.
3. NOVA Electrolytes Analyzer for analyses of Na+, P+, TCa+, Li+, Cl- in biological fluids.

Service Charges

The Analytical Chemistry Laboratory performs custom testing and has a standard fee schedule for services. The fee structure is based on the amount of time required to process the samples (extraction, derivatization, etc.) and the cost of supplies and reagents. For non-NIH sponsored projects (MSM and outside institutions and corporations), labor costs are assessed. A complete listing of currently available tests or cost per requested assay can be emailed or faxed upon request. Additionally, since the Analytical Chemistry Laboratory performs custom testing, if the requested assay is not on the list, please contact the core leader directly for test availability and the most up-to-date pricing.





  • Agilent (HP) 5890 Series capillary GC ( Gas chromatography detector )

  • Agilent (HP) 6890 Series capillary GC ( Gas chromatography detector )

    With Flame Ionization Detector (FID) and Nitrogen Phosphorus Detector (NPD).

  • Agilent 5972 High Sensitivity Mass Spectrometer (MSD) ( Mass spectrometer )

  • Agilent HPLC system ( High performance liquid chromatography instrument )

    Lab contains two copies of this instrument, one equipped with a 1100 series Fluorescence Detector (FD) and an Agilent 1049A Electrochemical Detector (ECD), and the other equipped with a Diode Array Detector (DAD), a Variable Wavelength Detector (VWD) and a 1046A Fluorescence Detector (FD).

  • Luminex analyzer ( Flow cytometer analyzer )

    Shared between two labs.

  • NOVA 10+ analyzer ( Electrolyte analyzer )

    Allows analysis of Na, K, total Ca,Li, Cl.

  • SpectroMax Plus microplate reader ( Microplate reader )

    "The patented multichannel optical design of the SpectraMax® Plus384 Absorbance Microplate Reader mimics a dual beam spectrophotometer, measuring each sample in the plate directly, eliminating measurement error due to variations in light output between optical fibers on other instruments for more reliable data reporting. The nine-channel system delivers both high precision and speed when reading cuvettes, 96-well, and 384-well microplates for endpoint measurements, kinetic assays, and spectral scans."



  • Electrolytes analysis service ( Material analysis service )

    Service includes analysis for:
    sodium, potassium, total calcium and lithium.

  • ELISA/colorimetric assays service ( Material analysis service )

    Provides analysis for 8-isoprostane (in urine), adiponectin total, adiponectin multimeric, TNF, hsCRP, 25-hydroxy vitamin D, 1,25-dihydroxy vitamin D, nitric, oxide, and aldosterone.

  • High performance liquid chromatography service ( Material analysis service )

    Performs HPLC analysis of samples.

  • Luminex service ( Material analysis service )

    "The core lab has a BioPlex bead sorter, which allows the analysis of multiplex assays such as ELISAs from a single, small volume sample."

    "The Luminex 100/200 System is a flexible analyzer based on the principles of flow cytometry. The system enables you to multiplex (simultaneously measure) up to 100 analytes in a single microplate well, using very small sample volumes. The system delivers fast and cost-effective bioassay results on many assay formats including nucleic acid assays, receptor-ligand assays, immunoassays and enzymatic assays."

    BioPlex (Luminex) analysis is performed for the following proteins:
    6 Plex: TNF-a, IL-6, Leptin, MCP-1, HGF, Insulin
    2 Plex: Resistin, Total PAI1
    1 Plex: Active PAI1
    1 Plex: Insulin

  • Luminex service ( Access service )

    Use of Luminex instrument for multi-analytic detection. The Bio-Plex and Miliplex Assay services are offered by the Proteomics core.


  • SoftMax Pro ( Software )

    "SoftMax® Pro Data Acquisition & Analysis Software serves as the user interface to the popular EMax®, VMax™, Gemini™, and SpectraMax® Microplate Readers. Users are able to customize reader settings through the software to take advantage of unique reader technologies that improve the quality of assay data such as: temperature-independent pathlength correction for absorbance measurements and automatic gain correction for fluorescence."

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