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Gianluca Tosini Laboratory


Research in Dr Tosini’s laboratory focuses on the roles that melatonin and the circadian clock play in the regulation of retinal physiology and pathophysiology. We have a series of Transgenic mice in which the melatonin receptors have been removed (melatonin receptors KO).



      Member: Tosini, Gianluca, Ph.D.
      Role: Chairman, Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology, Director, Circadian Rhythms and Sleep Disorders Program, Professor


    Organisms and Viruses

    • Melatonin receptor KO mouse ( Mus musculus )

      C3H MT1−/− knock-out mice homozygous for the rd1 mutation, generously donated by Drs. Reppert and Weaver (University of Massachusetts Medical School), were back-crossed with C3H/f+/+ mice in which the rd1 mutation has been removed to produce C3H/f+/+MT1−/−.

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