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Luminex Laboratory

Director: Powell, Michael D., Ph.D.


The Luminex Laboratory has Bio-Plex 200 and MagPix multiplex plate readers. These instruments allow simultaneous analytical measurement of multiple protein biomarkers using bead-linked assays. This provides for exquisite sensitivity, specificity, and precise measurements of analytes in small sample volumes.

The lab also offers 2D Gel services. The lab houses a BioRad automated spot picker (Proteome Works) and a BioRad gel imager (Molecular imagerFX). Bundled with this package is the latest version of PDQuest 8.0 for analysis of expression data from gels. Together this equipment allows us to offer services such as protein identification and analysis of protein modifications. This service complements LC/MS/MS analysis offered in the roteomics Lab.

Services include:
1. Multiplex Immunoassays
2. QuantiGene Multiplex Assays
3. 2D Gel analysis

1. Luminex Bio-Plex 200, and MagPix readers
2. Bio-Plex Manager 6.0
3. BioRad 2D gel insruments
4. PD Quest 8.0

Service Fee
$ 200.00 per assay plate (Bioplex)
2D Gel Service by consultation








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