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Cell and Tissue Imaging Core


"The Cell and Tissue Imaging Facility provides a broad range of services covering many of the major structural methods used to study cells and tissues. The Core consists of four labs: Electron Microscopy, Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting, Image Analysis, and
Molecular Histology."

The Electron Microscopy Lab provides complete scanning and transmission services from specimen fixation and dehydration, to examination and documentation via darkroom photography.

The Flow CytometryFACS, and Magnetic-bead Cell-sorting Lab houses a BD FACS Aria II and Miltenyi Biotec autoMACS Pro Seperator. Certfied BD- and Miltenyi-trained staff are available for consultation, acquiring data, or sorting cells.

The Image Analysis Lab provides a wide variety of options for the analysis and quantification of fluorescent probes, markers and antibodies within fixed and living cells. This lab houses a Leica TCS SP5 Confocal microscope, A DeltaVision Core Deconvolution microscope, a Tecan plate reader and a Zeiss Axioplan upright fluorescent microscope.

The Molecular Histology Lab is equipped to provide the following services: paraffin embedding, paraffin sections, frozen sections, immunohisto-chemical and H&E staining, and in situ hybridization."

For more information and service charges, contact:
Dr. James Lillard
Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Core Leader
Email: jlillard@msm.edu
Phone: (404) 752-1863

Dr. Woo-Kuen Lo
Electron Microscopy Core Leader
Email: wlo@msm.edu
Phone: (404) 752-1558

Dr. John Patrickson
Molecular Histology Core Leader
Email: jpatrickson@msm.edu
Phone: (404) 752-5717

Dr. Xuebiao Yao
Confocal & Fluorescent Imaging Core Leader
Email: xyao@msm.edu
Phone: (404) 752-1894



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